Aaron Ashby

A Aaron Ashby is a recent graduate of USC School of Cinematic Arts. After producing a series of multimedia art shows in South LA, Aaron turned to VR as a way to combine his experiences in filmmaking, art installation, and community building. Aaron has created commercial and narrative content in North Carolina, Los Angeles, Bangkok, Hong Kong, and Taipei.


Most recently Aaron produced and directed a series of VR short films for Sony Pictures and Jaunt Studios, and has exhibited work in USC Visions and Voices and ArtShare LA’s Ruff, Rugged, and Raw.


Aaron’s mission is to use cinema and immersive entertainment to stimulate cross-cultural exchange and promote global kinship.

blacclites // 2017

Utilizing dancers with white body paint and face makeup dancing against a rainbow background and warriors dancing against curtains and murals, Blacclites is an experimental project that combines practical and aesthetic elements to portray racism and oppression.


The six-minute film was created as a project for the USC Jaunt Cinematic Virtual Reality Lab that revolves around the journey of the neo-native party, a fictional revolutionary group/political party with the goals of combating racism and prejudice.