Fabien Soudiere

F Fabien is on a mission to design the next-generation of immersive technologies while developing a collective of incredible talent to collaborate with. Previously at WEVR, Fabien took the opportunity of this booming new industry to educate more creators to make 360 content.  After a successful Kickstarter campaign, Fabien wrote the book Making360, with coauthor Vicki Huang, available for  FREE download on GitHub, followed by a series of youtube tutorials.

The Oscars // 2016

The live 360 stream of the Oscars from the red carpet was fine stitched by Fabien using a fusion stitching workflow created in collab with Andrew Hazelden.

COPA America // 2016

With 360designs, Fabien helped produce a live 360 stream of Mexico vs Venezuela during COPA 2016. The 6k output was stitched using fusion workflow.

Barry Gibb 360 // 08.2016

Fabien helped 360designs direct and produce the live 360 stream of Barry Gibb and his new album, “In the Now.”

Los Angeles Lakers // 2016

After 360designs shot the last game of Kobe at staples, Fabien stitched the first results of the great mini eye 6.

USA Olympics // 2016

In collaboration with vice, 1215 creative, unit9 and 360designs, Fabien helped produce chasing the dream from Viceland by operating and stitching the mini eye 4 footage.

Welcome by Fort Minor // 2015

Fabien was lead stitcher behind the uprising creative production of fort minor’s first 360 music video, welcome. 100 takes were stitched in a day.

Discovery VR // 2016

Fabien was lead stitcher behind one woman’s triumph over HIV in Aafrica, a VR documentary produced by discovery digital networks.

journey to the edge of space // 2016

In collaboration with discovery VR, Fabien has stitched a long 360 experiment of launching a balloon from earth into space.

John Muir trail // 2016

After spending too much time in VR, Fabien took a solo retreat for 3 weeks where he hiked from Yosemite to Mount Whitney, a 14500 feet summit in Sequoia.

John Muir trail // 2016

Fabien is currently producing his first ambisonic CD to accompany several 360 panoramas.

iAnimal // 2016

In collaboration with Josevalle and animal equality, Fabien has stitched hundreds of disrupting shots, revealing how animals are treated in the world by slaughterhouses and factories.

Our Reality is Virtual // 2016

Produced and shot on the Sony as7ii by cbsi, WEVR and the uprising creative, our reality is virtual with Kenan Thompson was stitched by Fabien.

Knives // 2016

From USC lectures to teaching new recruits under making360, Fabien met Adam Cosco and helped him produce knives.

Endeavour // 2016

With WEVR, Fabien stitched, edited and graded a fly over in 360 of the space shuttle Endeavour at the California science center. It was shot on a 10 cameras rig.

vegas // 2016

When in Las Vegas, Fabien took his 360 rig and shot a timelapse he then stitched and made surreal art video for fun.

The Apartment by The Line // 2015

Best AR-VR immersive entertainment in advertising at digital Hollywood, the apartment VR retail experience is a shopping trip unlike anything you’ve ever experienced, produced and stitched by Fabien with WEVR and sapient nitro.

lust 360 // 2015

The first 360 Xmas card experience was produced by Onvans Studio, and Fabien led post production.

abgt100 // 2015

When Above & Beyond perform at Madison Square Gardens, WEVR was shooting the concert in 360 Fabienbien helped stitched and produced the 360 highlights of the show including group therapy radio backstage.

Wes Chiller 360 // 2015

When Wes Ciller is in LA, his first stop is Malibu and Fabien took the opportunity to film a quick acoustic 360 video of his last song.

The Polish Ambassador // 2016

After discovering the music of the Polish Ambassador, Fabien reached out to David and his team to produce a 360 highlight video of his concert in San Francisco.

360designs // 2015

Fabien partnered with Smashing All to help stitch the many different custom Blackmagic rigs. The kitchen shot being shot on a custom 7+2 bm cams rig.

David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust // 2015

Radiant images shot for couple weeks in Africa’s wilderness and Fabien helped stitched and produced a 360 piece documenting the transfer of an elephant by the David Sheldrick Foundation.

Titmouse Halloween // 2015

In collaboration with Titmouse and Lindsey Townley, Fabien shot and stitched a 360 Halloween experience of their haunted warehouse in 2015.