Intro to Storytelling in VR


Are you ready to experiment with a new way to tell stories?

Once a week, making360 is opening up its garage to storytellers, actors, directors, writers and creatives to learn how to tell stories in VR and how to storyboard for VR. This workshop will show you how making360 crafts compelling stories in VR/360 and the many challenges we have overcome in this new medium/industry.


Level: Beginner

Instructors: Nir Netzer & Fabien Soudiere


-Challenges for Storytelling in VR
-VR/360 Storytelling techniques & assignment
-Snacks and smoothies break
-Storyboarding in VR & assignment
-Q&A with instructors


Let no one say otherwise, producing VR or 360 is difficult and intense! It’s a medium that has completely unique challenges. And that is exciting for both the tech folks and storytellers. You’ll need to understand the many hurdles so that you can soar. Knowing the specific details, inherent limitations, and potential problems will only help to inform how to successfully create immersion. And that’s what making360 will teach you with this new series of workshops! We’re going to throw a bunch of tips and tricks at you, and you will have one of the most productive hands on workshop with talented instructors, professional or consumer equipment as well as access to all necessary softwares.


This workshop will also provide:

-access to all workshop materials, keynotes and footage
-free download of making360’s online PDF and all its sample footage
-feedback on personal projects
-storytelling and storyboarding tips and tricks
-access to making360’s RAD pad & talents

Limited Seats!!!

To meet your expectations no matter what your experience level is, we’ve found it more productive to offer 4-hour workshop rather than a weekend workshop, and are limiting all classes to 5 seats.

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