Jenn Duong

J Jenn is a director primarily working in immersive technology and occasionally in traditional media. In 2015, she co-founded Women in Virtual Reality and SH//FT; an organization that highlights female and minority voices in storytelling.


She most recently was the Head of Virtual Reality at 1215creative, an LA production company, where she worked on a range of projects from post supervising Vice’s Beyond the Frame: Chasing the Dream series to directing of Bank’s VR Music Experience.


Recently named in the top #25 in Onalytic’s 100 Top Individual VR Influencers, she is also a Future of Storytelling Fellow (2016), a featured creator that piloted the Google Jump Start program, as well as one of LA Weekly’s People of 2017. In addition, Jenn is a mentor and 360 filmmaking instructor at Upload. She has also spoken at numerous events ranging from SXSW to Advertising Week in New York.


Outside of VR, she is always ready to talk about Game of Thrones, Taylor Swift, and spontaneous life adventures.