Matthew Terndrup

A Although creating 360-degree music videos was never my intention to start, collaborating with the passionate feminist activist Kiran Gandhi aka Madame Gandhi, became a natural fit.


The spark began when Lus Ka invited me to come with her to film Kiran and her music partner Alexia Riner at a warehouse spot called the Blindspot. Lus Ka positioned a Kodak SP 360 camera center stage as liquid-light projections danced along the walls. From there, we cut out the song “The Future is Female” and Kiran posted it on her personal Facebook page.


Around the same time, I got pulled onto a sports project by the amazingly talented Jenn Duong. The shoot was in Vegas documenting the USA Basketball team on their way to the 2016 Olympics. Sports in 360 was totally in my wheelhouse as I’d been stitching fast-paced action for a year before that with Two Bit Circus, and it wasn’t the first Olympics project I’d been on either.


The I joined making360’s collective. The 360-degree projects we were working on then maintained an activist twist. The big ones were with a nonprofit called Animal Equality which documented the inhumane conditions pigs, chickens, and cows. The series was released on Youtube under the name iAnimal contained a lot of blood. This caused me to temporarily eat less meat and flirt with veganism.


I was also collaborating with homelessness activist Mark Horvath of Invisible People to raise awareness of the horrid issues happening on Skid Row. He borrowed the Kodak camera Lus Ka let me borrow to interview a guy selling bikes while living on the street. This was in collaboration with the masked artist known as Skid Robot. It was my baby steps towards producing more content.


Currently, I am seeking to work with more music artists to create mind blowing VR music videos!