Nir Netzer

Nir started his career in a young age, filming viral videos while serving in the Israeli army. He moved to L.A and started working as an Editor. Over 4 years, he worked on a wide range of genres. From full feature documentary, to music videos, sizzles, web comedies and such. Working for A&E, Cops, HBO, Vice, Vanity Fair and more. He is the guy who get down to the wire. To the depth of the craft and to the heart of the art.

Around 2015 he quit his business in television to move to Learn the craft of Virtual Reality production. Quickly, Nir managed to climb high. Managing all post production on a high-end VR in 3D project between Jaunt VR (Disney) and Cops. His ability to direct, shoot, stitch, edit, VFX and do Spatial Sound gives him a rear full control on the craft. Lately, he joined the making360, a collective of V.R creators and became a leading director in the team. Directing a VR simulation of drunk driving with MADD in Canada, and currently leading content development in the company.