Sage Molotov

Sage Molotov is an experienced content creator and performer who has worked with clients ranging from Cirque du Soleil to Google, providing creative and technical direction.


Sage’s earlier AV career began as a nightclub DJ and VJ. Working alongside top-tier talent in A-list establishments afforded her the opportunity to pivot into the domains of AV production management, audio engineering, 3D projection mapping and video production.


The love of storytelling through music and visuals has always been the driving force behind Sage’s work, and the breadth of her experience in creating immersive audiovisual experiences furthers her creative mission toward the endless possibilities in the VR space.


Becoming a VR content creator has allowed Sage to further develop skills as a DP and Director while also expanding her repertoire into the realms of Ambisonic sound design and production.


As part of the Making360 team, Sage traveled to the Oregon Eclipse Festival to film the full eclipse live alongside an audience of more than 60,000. When asked to describe this event she said, “One of the most awe-inspiring cosmic events of my lifetime.”

Sage is also part of the team creating Stations of Humanity, (a live social experiment designed to teach empathy.) providing IT and technical direction.


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