Will Cherry

D During four years at USC School of Cinematic Arts I learned just what it means to be a producer – to find stories that deserve being told. Before long it dawned on me that these stories may not be conventional; they adapt and are best told in many different ways, including some paths we have yet to experience fully.


My partner Yo-Yo Lin came to me senior year with a challenge – to tell a story that envelopes the participant. We weren’t ready for VR just then – she wanted to create an installation for an animated film that the participant can experience many different ways simply by witnessing the story anywhere in the room.


Our project is just a half-step into the future of entertainment, where Virtual Reality creates opportunities for more “participants” and less “viewers”… and that’s incredibly exciting.


Leaving USC School of Cinematic Arts with an installation-made-realtime-experience for the HTC Vive, I joined making360 in January 2016 to learn to stitch before moving to Here Be Dragons. Currently, I work as a creative technologist for Dragons while operating as a freelance immersive media technical producer.